Self Publication Services

* Submission of your Copyright Application
* Submission of your ISBN number
* Creation of your bar code image
* Publication of your book

Publish Your First Book

Check out what can bring to you. Publishing Company  Est. 2016

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Colouring Book Services

* Bring us your wedding themed colouring book idea
* Bring us your favourite sports themed colouring book idea
* Turn your favorite vacation photos into a colouring book
* Help send joy to family and friends with a family themed colouring Book

What Offtheteebooks Publishing is about

Have you ever had an idea to write a book or had an idea you wanted to bring to life?  These were the questions that led me to publishing.

At Offtheteebooks Publishing we provide the tools you need to bring your self publication ideas to life.  The experience and expertise of our professional illustration and editing teams will bring your stick men to life.